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Kinesiology - Methods

In the last 30 years, numerous kinesiological methods and methods have developed on the basis of the millennia-old knowledge of traditional Chinese energy theory and Western teachings as well as the latest findings from brain research, which focus on different levels of the energy system.

All methods, however, are based on the same principle: to uncover and release energy blockages in order to restore the free flow of energy.

My kinesiology training includes the following methods in addition to health kinesiology

• Touch for health

Dr. John F. Thie has developed Touch for Health on the basis of Applied Kinesiology as an advanced system for health care and self-help. TfH (Touch for Health) works with the meridian system and energizes and balances the body.
The basic balance comprises 14 muscles, which are related to the 14 meridians (energy pathways of our body). It is an excellent introduction to kinesiology. Advanced Touch for Health includes 42-muscle balances. As well as tests of food, color balance, Tibetan eights to strengthen your own protective field, dynamic balancing methods such as the balance of reactive muscles, pain knocking and more.
Imbalances in muscles and meridians are detected by the kinesiological muscle test and then balanced and strengthened. For example, neuro-lymphatic and neuro-vascular points are stimulated. The body can experience a new balance, health and well-being on all body levels.


Touch for Health supports a certain topic and can generally be used for balancing. This simple application helps "to achieve greater awareness in life, to create new choices, to pursue one's goals more presently and effectively, and to do everything we do with greater joy". (John F. Thie, author of Touch for Health, in: Touch for Health in Action. Freiburg 2003).

• Transformational kinesiology

Transformation kinesiology (TK) has been developed by Grethe Fremming and Rolf Havsboel since the early 1980s.
This spiritual kinesiology direction sets deeper consciousness processes in motion. When we engage with these, we gain a deeper understanding of the qualities of the New Age through self-knowledge and the transformation of human consciousness for a better togetherness.

• Brain Gym®- learning gymnastics

The holistic method Edu-Kinestetik was developed by Dr. Paul Dennison and helps to extend our learning ability.
It is based on the knowledge and experience of pedagogy, applied kinesiology, applied kinesiology, brain research and Chinese meridian teachings. Edu-Kinestetics is mainly about finding energy blockages during learning and their dissolution.

Many children and also adults are under stress while reading, writing and other everyday activities, can remember badly and do not use their actual learning potential. These learning difficulties are often blockages in the brain, which prevent us from learning easily and with pleasure. Edu-Kinestetics helps us to find these blockades, to make them conscious and to balance them by movement exercises, as well as by holding or rubbing certain reflex points.

The techniques are quick and easy to learn. They help people of all ages to use their learning potential on all levels.

Brain Gym® helps you and your child to

  • read, calculate, write and speak more easily and with pleasure

  • increase attention and concentration

  • deal with stress at school and during exams

  • increase sporting performance

  • strengthen the self-esteem

  • develop your personality

  • increase the quality of life

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