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For whom is Health Kinesiology suitable?

Health Kinesiology is suitable for all age groups and can be applied in all areas of life. Weak or sick people can also use Health Kinesiolgy with the help of a trusted caregiver, a surrigate.


The Health Kinesiology supports

personality development

  • self-confidence

  • life planning

  • goal setting (visions, wishes, goals)

  • self-responsibility

  • self-fulfillment

  • solution of emotional blockades

  • reconciliation with wounds of the past

with learning problems

  • learning and performance blockades

  • reading and spelling weakness (dyslexia)

  • arithmetic impairment (dyscalculia)

  • examination anxiety / school anxiety / stage fright

  • concentration problems

  • hyperactivity

  • hearing - seeing - body / movement

  • lack of memory

  • language problems (stuttering,...)

stress and anxiety reduction

  • strengthen self-confidence

  • finding solutions to conflicts

  • to have more harmonious relations

  • to master life with joy and ease

  • to come through inner movement to new energies and new perspectives.

with psychological problems

  • fear patterns of any kind

  • past unsolved events and experiences

  • blocking life patterns

  • negative moods

  • emotional stress, emotional lows

  • sleep problems, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, lack of energy

  • life crises

  • restrictive beliefs

  • self-sabotage

  • unfavourable self-image, low self-esteem

  • relationship conflicts

  • mood swings, inner restlessness

to locate energetic disturbance fields

  • interfering fields such as teeth or tooth hearths

  • scars

  • electrosmog

  • geopathic interference fields

  • foreign energies

to identify any kind of incompatibilities

  • food products

  • grasses / pollen etc.

children with the following matters

  • fears / bedwetting / sleep problems

  • coarse and fine motor skills

  • nail-biting

  • behavioural abnormalities

  • motor deficits

babies with the following matters

  • the baby doesn't sleep at night

  • it is very restless

  • the baby refuses the breast when breastfeeding

  • it cries constantly and is very restless



before, during and after pregnancy

  • unfullfilled desire to have children

  • in case of blockages due to negative experience (miscarriages,
    abortion, abuse)

  • C-section

  • difficult birth

  • difficult birth of a sibling

  • breastfeeding problems even after counseling

  • relationship problems

  • lack of family support

  • pregnancy fears

  • pregnancy mood

  • sleep problems

  • energetic blockages

  • fears of the child's father

  • financial problems and insecurities

  • difficulties to "hand over" the child

  • reactions of the siblings

  • professional stresses

In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft
Stress, anxiety and depression are caused when
we are living to please others.
-Paulo Coelho
Very little is needed to lead a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your thinking. -Markus Aurelius
Wenn festgefahrene Verhaltensmuster geändert werden, löst sich die Blockade auf - und dann kann die Lebensenergie wieder frei fließen. -Paulo Coelho

Kinesiology does not replace a doctor and no psychotherapy - but it is a meaningful supplement and support to conventional medicine.

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