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The opening posture for a Health Kinesiology session is: "What helps the client best at the moment to become permanently healthier and more vital and to establish and stay in the inner balance?


Since all our experiences, thoughts and feelings are stored in our nervous system and in our cellular memory, the basic assumption is that the client's "body intelligence" knows exactly what helps and does the body, mind and soul good.


After an initial conversation, the body is brought into the energy balance.


Then, with the help of the muscle test, we find out on which topic and in which order we are allowed to work.
Stressors and so-called blockades are identified and solved by touching the tested reflex points and thus harmonizing body, mind and soul. The activation of the body's own self-healing powers also increases well-being and quality of life.

The balance is followed by the final discussion.

The client has the opportunity to share experiences and insights from the session and to ask open questions.

A conscious tracking of the new situation rounds off the session.
How does the new goal feel? What is my first concrete step to reach my new goal?

Zurück in die Balance
Session duration

The length of the session depends on your personal needs and can therefore vary greatly from person to person.
Please assume a rough orientation of about 1 to 2 hours.
(with children approx. 1 hour).

The number of sessions depends on the complexity, scope and depth of the topic.

The physical memory is the carrier of our life story and thus of our personal identity. -Thomas Fuchs

Meetings are calculated as follows:
                        60 minutes       80,00 €
                        90 minutes     120,00 €      

Children:         60 minutes       60,00 €                                     


To make an appointment please call 0163-2781459

If you can't make an appointment,
please cancel at least 24 hours in advance.


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