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DORN - Method

Back, shoulder, neck or joint pain are very common.
The cause can be blocked joints or vertebral malpositions.
With the help of the Dorn Method these displacements are corrected and lead to holistic well-being. Back and joint pains can be relieved, as well as functional problems in the organs.
The DORN user does not need any machines or equipment.
The technique is performed exclusively by gentle pressure of the hands.


The gentle manual DORN method is primarily used for joint and spinal problems. The DORN user tries to push e.g. vertebrae that have shifted to the left or right back into their original position with gentle hand movements and exercise sequences. Joints are repositioned without jerky movements in such a way that pain and movement restrictions are relieved or even disappear completely.

Not only problems of the vertebral system, such as back, knee or hip joint problems can be reduced or eliminated, but also functional disorders of the organs, as well as psychological symptoms caused by malposition of vertebrae or joints.

The nerves coming out of the spinal canal are closely connected to the internal organs, so that spinal malpositions can lead to problems in the exchange of information between an organ and the brain.
This disturbed communication can lead to a vertebral malposition, often also to a functional disorder of the organ assigned to the vertebra or nerve.
Conversely, diseased organs can also have a negative influence on the vertebral position.


In addition, blocked vertebrae and joints can even cause or intensify psychological discomfort such as anxiety or depressive moods.
Following the (TCM), the DORN method assumes that body, mind and soul form a unit and influence each other.

A blockage in the musculoskeletal system can thus also lead to a blockage in the mental-spiritual area.

The life energy, which according to TCM flows through the body in the meridians just under the skin, accumulates particularly easily at joints and vertebrae. This view is also shared by DORN users.
According to TCM, the energetic blockage causes pain in the joints and back, as well as many other symptoms that can show up in other parts of the body.
According to TCM and the DORN approach, pain in the body means that the life energy is unable to flow freely in this area.

The effectiveness of the DORN method has not yet been proven by scientific studies. Nevertheless, similar to other holistic methods, there are numerous positive experiences on the part of the clients.

The purest form of healthcare is by working to keep healthy people healthy. -Helmut Koch

The DORN - Method can help with

  • Tinnitus

  • Ear noises

  • Eye complaints

  • Ear problems

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Swindle

  • Hay fever

  • Tendency to catch cold

  • Gastro-intestinal disorders

  • Spine and joint problems

  • Back, shoulder and neck tension

  • Scoliosis (curvature of the spine)

  • Shoulder/arm problems

  • complaints and/or sensory disturbances in the legs and/or feet

  • discomfort and/or sensation disorders in the arms and/or hands

  • Fertility disorder (fertility disorder)

  • Circulatory problems in the feet and/or hands

  • Depression

  • Exhaustion

  • Persistent fatigue

  • Insomnia

Performance of the method

Procedure of the Dorn Method in short form:

  1. Leg length control

  2. Regulation of the pelvis and sacrum

  3. Treatment area lumbar/ thoracic spine:
    Manual pressure on displaced vertebrae

  4. Balance of the cervical vertebrae

  5. Correction of malposition of joints in the extremities

  6. Self-help exercises for all parts of the locomotor system.
    These stabilize the success of the DORN.


Since the nerve pathways that supply the entire body exit or enter the spine, performing the DORN Method can also positively influence dysfunctions in the organs and sensory organs.

It is a gentle technique, but it may happen that the body reacts with muscle soreness.

DORN method in combination with the Breuss massage

The energetic-manual Breuss massage along the spine is ideal for people with back problems and is often used as preparation or follow-up for the Dorn therapy.
It is characterized above all by the fact that it is not only aimed at relaxing tense and hardened muscle areas, but also causes an energetic improvement of the overall situation.
The Breuss massage is therefore also called a disc regeneration measure. The reason for this is that the intervertebral discs in particular benefit from it and then become resilient and strong again in everyday life.

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