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DIP YOUR TOE IN WATER - 1:1 Mentoring Program (3 months)

Do you want to reduce stress and regain clarity and calm?

Do you want to switch off your thoughts in your head and feel into yourself and your body?

Do you want to regain your lightness and joy of life and recharge your batteries??

Are you facing a decision (e.g. profession) and still need the decisive impulse?

Do you want to find new solutions for challenges?

Do you want to recognize and question your stuck patterns of thinking and behavior?

Is it your desire to change your perspective on known things and to perceive differences?

If yes, then the
DIP YOUR TOE IN WATER 1:1 Mentoring Program
is exactly the right thing for you :)

Take a look at what the package includes now:




  • 1x 90 minutes Holistic Kick-Off-Meeting
    We discuss together what you want to achieve and define the first steps for the realization of your goals.


  • 3x 60 minutes Kinesiology Sessions (1 session every 2-3 weeks)
    I work mainly with Health Kinesiology, as well as with kinesiological tools (including from the Brain Gym) and many other highly effective methods.


  • 1x 60 minutes practice of physical and awareness exercises
    We meet and perform exercises together that bring you back into harmony and to a higher energy level.
    You may then integrate these into your everyday life.

  • 1x 90 minutes final and alignment meeting 
    We review your development process, celebrate your transformation and discuss your personal alignment.


  • Ongoing email or messenger support
    I support you at any time if needed. I take 1x weekly limited time to respond to your questions / topics.
    You can also contact me via Whatsapp or Telegram.


  • Your personal positive impulse at the beginning of the week
    Your positive impulse can be an inspiration that I receive or an oracle card that I draw for you.  You will receive this either via email or Whatsapp/Telegram.





  • Total honesty on your part
    Your transformation will be initiated faster if you put your cards on the table right at the beginning of our collaboration.


  • Willingness to face your shadow
    Through our energy work change occurs and this is not always cuddly, but can also hurt sometimes. 
    Only in this way you free yourself from your conditioning and unfold your individual potential.


  • Personal responsibility is indispensable
    I will guide you through your process, supporting you with techniques and introducing you to other points of view and new perspectives, but I will not solve your problems or take them away from you.
    This responsibility lies with you!

*444,00 €

*(Monthly installment

Sign up for the DIP YOUR TOE IN WATER 1:1 Mentoring Program
& move towards


The appointments are coordinated individually with you and take place online via ZOOM or live on site in Reutlingen/Pfullingen in the form of sessions.


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