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What is kinesiology?

In general, kinesiology is the teaching of movement (in relation to external movements of muscles and joints, as well as internal movements of organs, nerves, breathing, feelings and thoughts) and the teaching of the flow of life energy.

Dr. Jimmy Scott, who holds a Ph.D. in Physiopsychology, is the founder of Health Kinesiology. The system he developed is based on his experience with applied kinesiology and his own physio-psychological research.

Important contents of Health Kinesiology include the knowledge of acupuncture points, subtle energies and meridians, which leads to a fusion of Eastern and Western science, as well as energetic treatment methods.

The HK therefore combines Kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern psychology and knowledge about bioenergy and bio communication in the body.

All experiences we have had during our lifetime (physical, mental or spiritual) are stored in our nervous system and cell memory.
This means that the subconscious mind has stored everything and therefore everything is retrievable.

Stress causes an imbalance in our body.

The causes for an imbalance of the energy system can be among others:

  • conflicting emotions

  • stressful life situations

  • stress in everyday life, career and family

  • fears and traumas
  • learning and concentration difficulties

Even stressful situations, which can have an influence on our present life, can trigger stress situations that lie a long time ago.

Through the holistic approach, Health Kinesiology assumes that all levels of the human body are interconnected and thus influence each other.
If something is brought into "movement" at one point, this also has an effect at another point.


In order to communicate directly with the body and to detect blockages, we work with the muscle test. Through this test we detect blockages and gently dissolve them with different techniques, so that the energy flow in the body is harmonized again and the self-healing powers are activated.

Health Kinesiology is used to promote and maintain well-being, quality of life and vitality.

It is easier to find a direct access to your own inner truth. by the means of your heart rather than through your mind. -Safi Nidiaye
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