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Difference between Dorn-Method and Chiropractic

The Dorn Method and Chiropractic differ in most aspects.
However, they both aim to correct vertebral and joint misalignments.


Here you can see the main difference of both methods.


Gentle vertebral correction

In Dorn Method, the correction is done while the muscles are moving.
With gentle pressure, vertebrae and joints are pushed back into their proper place without overstretching muscles and tendons.


Distracts the muscles

During movement, the muscles are distracted. Thus, it cannot resist the correction. The correction in dynamics makes the Dorn method a gentle method.

Self-help exercises for prevention

The Dorn method is a self-help method.
Clients are given self-help exercises tailored to themselves, which can be done either at home or at work.

Almost no risks

Since clients actively cooperate in adjusting the spine and this is not done against the resistance of the muscles, there is no risk in repeating the method.


Quick, rapid correction

In chiropractic, the spine is stretched with a quick and jerky movement to put the vertebrae back in the right place.

Surprise the muscles

In chiropractic, jerky, brisk adjustment when the joint is at rest surprises the muscles and prevents them from holding the vertebrae in place. Here, the therapist needs a lot of practice and carries a higher risk.

No self-help exercises

Chiropractic is not self-help and should be performed only by trained and experienced therapists to prevent injuries

Some risks

Incorrectly performed chiropractic care can lead to nerve damage and carotid artery injuries in the worst case scenario.

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