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Questions & Answers

I would like to answer general questions about kinesiology:

• How long does a session last?

This is also very different and depends on the depth of the topic.
Experience shows that sessions last about 1 to 2 hours.

• When does kinesiology improve?
This cannot be answered in general, because it is different from person to person. It depends a little on how openly you deal with the topic, whether you are ready for change and take responsibility for it.
If you do not live in resistance to the new insights, the sessions will already be effective after the first 2 to 3 days.
Whether with or without resistance, the body techniques always have a positive effect on everyone and achieve changes.
They have a long after-effect, influence subconsciously and create a clearer or sharper consciousness.

Since our cells generally renew themselves every 21 days, this is at the latest the period in which new information is stored in the cells and leads to noticeable changes.

Experience has shown that an improvement occurs either immediately after the session or after approx. 2 to 3 weeks.

How many sessions are necessary?
This is always very individual. Many clients want to "clean up" themselves in order to lead a self-determined life. At the end of each session, we use the muscle test to test when the next session will take place.

There are also clients who are already satisfied after just one session and who have received the decisive impulse that they still needed to make a decision (choice of profession, etc.).
Every person is individual and has his or her own ideas of a happy life and this must be respected in every case.

• Do I have to undress during a session?
You will, of course, remain fully clothed. However, you should take off your shoes so that I can hold your acupuncture points on your feet during the session if necessary.

Is there anything to consider when I come to the first session?
Since I may hold the acupuncture points on your feet during the session, you can wash them beforehand so that you don't feel uncomfortable.

Please do not do anything before the session that weakens the body or puts too much strain on it, such as smoking, drinking alcohol or exercising excessively.

• Do I feel anything during the session?
This depends entirely on your own perceptive faculties. There are clients who feel something during the session, others feel nothing.

• Can you cure me?
No, but I am happy to help you heal yourself, because healing can only happen from within.
By discovering together your inner programs and conflicts, as well as hindering beliefs and solving them sustainably, you activate your natural self-healing powers.

I'm not sure which method is right for me. What can I do?

This is not a problem. When you come to my practice, we spontaneously decide together how we work.

• I can't exactly name or describe my problem. Can you help me anyway?
Since we use the muscle test during the kinesiology session, it will guide us to the appropriate correction/balance.
Therefore it's not absolutely necessary to be able to name the problem exactly.

• Does kinesiology work on everyone?

Basically this question can be answered with Yes, because every living being (human and animal) has a cellular memory, muscles and the same mechanisms in the organism that react to tension and relaxation.
However, there may be several aspects that speak against working together.
These are clarified at the beginning of the kinesiology session.
This could be for example:

• your organism is not supplied with sufficient water
• you're not comfortable.
• your energy system is currently too stressed.
• we haven't talked about something or overlooked something


The aspects mentioned above are usually clarified quickly. There are only small obstacles that can be removed quickly (drinking, toilet, expressing insecurity and, if necessary, clarifying questions).

However, if the pre-test clearly shows that there should be no working together, this should be respected by both sides.
Because a "no" is a clear statement and the body does not lie.


• Basic Information on Kinesiology

Kinesiology is not to be compared with psychic vision, fortune-telling, laying on of hands and has also nothing to do with passive healing.

Kinesiology sets the natural body mechanisms of human beings in motion. This leads to more well-being and balance and thus promotes health.

A successful kinesiology balance/correction is only possible through the active cooperation and willingness of the client to change.
The kinesiologist only accompanies the client through the process and supports with effective techniques and the introduction of new perspectives. The kinesiologist doesn't solve any problems nor does he/she take them away.

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