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I'm glad you found your way here.

My name is Cynthia Kohler-Jones and I practice my passion as a Soul Mentor & Kinesiologist.
Kinesiology is a holistic method and brings your body, mind and soul in harmony in a gentle way, so that you can achieve more well-being and productivity.

Stress, limiting beliefs and conditionings are dissolved and the energy within them is released, so that you can live your true self and your individuality again.

I support you in discovering and developing your personal potential. Alternative behaviors will be developed for your current and future life situation.

Let's get your energy flowing so that you can again consciously recognize and use all your possibilities and potentials in harmony with yourself.

More information about health and kinesiology can be found below in the blog. Just have a look!

A search for fulfillment on the outside becomes pointless as soon as you have (re)discovered your inherent treasure..
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Im Fluss der Lebensenergie


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