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Kinesiology is a holistic method to gently balance body, mind and soul in order to achieve more well-being and performance.

Stress and negative beliefs can be dissolved and the energy resources bound in them can be released.

As a kinesiologist & life coach it is my heart's desire to support you in discovering and unfolding your personal potential. In this way, behavioural alternatives are developed for your current and future life situation.

Let me help you to get your energy flow effortless so you can be in alignment with your higher self and consciously recognize and make use of all your possibilities and potentials.

You can find more information about kinesiology in my blog.

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flow of life force energy


Cynthia Kohler-Jones

Accompanying Kinesiologist,
Vitality & Relaxation Coach
at Hotel Fortuna with GanyMed
Center for Individual Medicine & Prevention

Carl-Zeiss-Str. 75, 3rd floor,
72770 Reutlingen

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